Hi, I'm Jomi Cubol. I'm a product designer based in New York. My mission is to help build things that have a meaningful impact on society, creativity, and culture.


I love software, the internet, design, and technology. Every day I marvel at how these layers allow us to be smarter, more creative, and more connected.

And I hope to add my contribution. To invent and help build products that are tasteful, beautiful, and lasting. Things that empower people at scale through more access, productivity, and opportunity. Things that put people first.

And I'm going to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Things I Believe In

  1. Vision is the most important thing because it dictates everything else: goals, strategy, tactics, and everyday activity. Thoughtfully defining a project's vision alone gets you halfway there.
  2. Products should have an opinion about how the world ought to be and seek to accelerate that vision through its execution. However, one must deeply understand how the world currently works instead of relying said vision on wishful thinking.
  3. Product design is about solving a particular job someone wants to get done in a specific context of their life—all while giving a delta of positive emotion. We do this by having a keen eye for both form and function, style and substance.
  4. The interface is crucial to the experience because it's what people actually use. Because of this, it should drive development rather than the other way around.
  5. Always emphasize evidence over opinions: it's our job to ask the hard questions, disprove assumptions, and find things out empirically rather than confirm our own biases.

Where You Can Find Me

You can check out my daily blog, scroll through my scrapbook, read my columns, browse my reading list, listen to my SoundCloud, or follow me on Twitter. Scroll below for some of my most recent work, or go to my “now page” for my current goals.

Feel free to reach me at jomi.cubol@gmail.com for any questions, inquiries, or any interesting product challenges.

Would love to hear from you!

Recent Projects

Apploi Mobile 2.0 Mobile interface and interaction design for Apploi, a job ecosystem seeking to reinvent the application process. The goal was to make it consistent with the newly designed and repurposed web consumer application, as well as increase engagement, repeat usage, and focus on Search as the core action and granular filtering for enhanced personalization. View Case Study

Apploi Consumer Web 2.0 Preliminary research, design sprints, system design, prototyping, and user testing to rethink Apploi's online job application process from the ground up. The objective was to make applying for a job as easy, effective, and enjoyable as possible to increase success rates and foster organic usage and growth. Most importantly, we wanted to radically improve a job seeker's entire searching and application experience. With Cortney Cassidy, Tom Gebauer, Georgina Narich, Marie Raton View Case Study

Apploi Enterprise Dashboard 2.0 Information architecture and prototyping for Apploi's enterprise dashboard used by recruiters, hiring managers, and business owners. The goal was to improve the client side experience to make it easier to do individual actions (add jobs, see candidates, create templates) and team actions (permissions, administration, upgrades, etc.). With Tom Gebauer, Sean Hanson, Georgina Narich, Marie Raton. View Case Study

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